About Us

Annodomini Srl is recognised as a benchmark for purchasing valuable artworks and is the ideal meeting place for academics and simple collectors.

Over these past years, Annodomini Srl has consolidated its position in the antiques market, increasing and diversifying its assets and at the same time expanding its services and professional skills for its clients.

Crossing the threshold of its large showroom in Vittorio Veneto, you’ll find yourself catapulted on an extraordinary journey back in time, through antique refined paintings, Haute Époque sculptures and rare archaeological finds. This is the fruit of our constant and meticulous search across all international markets and within prestigious Italian and foreign private collections.

Annodomini Srl has also made some important discoveries and valuations of masterpieces in recent years.
These include the“Portrait of Cornelio Sarcinelli” by Tiziano Vecellio, later noted by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage as being a“Work of particular historical and cultural interest”, or the small yet marvellous“Self portrait as a Young Man” by Rembrandt, later published by Christopher Wright in the recent monograph devoted to the great Dutch Master and sold by Annodomini Srl to a prestigious Italian collection. Or, the extraordinary detached fresco depicting “Juno in the Clouds” by Giambattista Tiepolo, which can now be seen in the Louvre in Paris.

The work of Annodomini Srl is not restricted to just the sale of art works, but goes even beyond.

Its research, study, documentation and valuation of art worksis the real strength of the gallery, whose professionalism is often required by private and public clients to study and revalue their own art works.

Furthermore, Annodomini Srl draws on its partnershipswith distinguished art historians, of specialist technical-scientific laboratoriesand of well-known restoration workshops whose work supports the antiques gallery at all times.

All this is why Annodomini Srl represents one of the “excellences” in the Italian market of antiques and art collecting.

So now, please take your time to explore and enjoy our website!

Our Experts

Stefano Causa

Professor of history of modern and contemporary art

Arabella Cifani

Art critic
active nationally and internationally

Paolo Erasmo Mangiante

and Italian
Renaissance expert

Our Collaborators

Elena Uliana

2D & 3D Content Creator

Matteo Tempini

Sound and Light Designer

Chiara Danesin

Digital Strategy & Web Design