“Di Maria non si dirà mai abbastanza.”

Bernardo di Chiaravalle

Antonio Maria Da Carpi

(documented from 1495 to 1504)

Madonna with Child in a landscape

Tempera on panel transferred to canvas

Cm 45 x 33

In the past, the painting was attributed to Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano (Conegliano 1459 – 1517). Recent studies have corrected the old attribution and have rightly ascribed the painting to Antonio Maria da Carpi who was a pupil of Cima. Only two works have been attributed with certainty to this artist. Two Madonna and Childs, both dated 1497, one kept in Budapest’s Museum of Fine Arts and the other in a private collection.

Our painting depicts the Madonna embracing a sprightly yet attentive Baby Jesus in a loving, intimate and almost informal pose. Precious drapery covers the Madonna’s head and shoulders.  The scene is closed by a deep, rolling landscape.


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