“La bellezza non può essere interrogata: regna per diritto divino.”

Oscar Wilde

Benedetto Gennari

(Cento 1633 – Bologna 1715)

Venus nursing Cupid

Oil on canvas

Cm 120 x 155

The painting portrays Venus nursing Cupid as she disarms him.

The scene immediately strikes the viewer with the softness of the flesh and of the drapery, the roundness of forms and the depth of the landscape. A bright, diffused light illuminates the bodies of Venus and Cupid, clearly detaching them from the surrounding landscape, while the perfect horizontality of the figures contributes to a convincing staging of the myth.

The naturalistic filter adopted in this work by Benedetto Gennari, nephew of Guercino, is clearly the fruit of the training he received from his uncle.

Good state of conservation.

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