“Quel che ho scritto ho scritto.”

San Giovanni Evangelista

Giovanni Francesco Barbieri known as Il Guercino

(Cento 1591 – Bologna 1666)

Saint John the Evangelist

Oil on canvas

Cm 65 x 51

The fantastic “Saint John the Evangelist” in question, with its warm hues, typical brushwork and still early, delicate features is an admirable example of the art of Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, known as il Guercino.

The painting is marked by bright flesh colours, soft drapery and the luminous colour combinations typical of the Master’s painting.

The model used for this painting can be identified in the figure in the centre of the composition of one of Guercino’s masterpieces “King David delivering the letter to Uriah”.

The work is accompanied by a written communication by Prof. Nicholas Turner.

Expertise of Prof. Nicholas Turner.

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