“Piange la Madre pietosa contemplando le piaghe del suo Figlio.”

Jacopone da Todi

Santi Buglioni

(Florence 1494 – 1576)

Pietà in a landscape

Florentine art, first quarter of the 16th century

Glazed terracotta

Cm 74 x 71

 The naturalistic suffering that characterises this glazed terracotta is    expressed by the drama of the scene created by the artist with emotional involvement, with a Latin inscription that can be translated as follows:

 “Pay attention you who pass here, and ask yourselves if your suffering is equal to mine.”

This glazed terracotta stands out for its lush garland of fruit and flowers, in high relief, that frames the scene and makes this refined sculpture a fine example of post-Della Robbia production.

Excellent state of conservation.

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